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ClearLight Meditation

For Advanced Meditators (Level II)                                      
Winter 2015


Weekly Classes:

     The Compassionate
     Body of Light Series -
     Part IV  'Sacred World'


    Sacred World
     Day-Long Retreat




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Level II programs offer advanced exploration of meditation and study for practitioners with three or more years experience with a committed regular practice.  Eligibility depends on a variety of factors with the following as guidelines:

  • You have completed 6 Level I Classes or the equivalent
  • You have previously attended Level II classes
  • You have received "pointing out" instructions (on the nature of awakened mind) from a master of the Tibetan, Zen, Advaita or other non-dual traditions
  • You have permission from the instructors

If you have questions regarding eligibility and whether these are the right programs for you, please contact us

The Compassionate Body of Light Series - Part IV

'Sacred World'

10-Week Class

Two Registration Options:  Live Classroom or Audio via the Internet

January 15 - March 19

10 Thursday mornings     9:30 am to 11:30 am

(Spring Course will be April 23 - June 11)

radiant sitting meditatorThe Compassionate Body of Light Series is a series of courses that explore modern adaptations of deep wisdom practices from the Tibetan tradition These effective practices have enlightened people for centuries but until now, have been maintained in secrecy or presented in exotic forms that are not generally accessible to Westerners

In the Winter course we will invoke the universal energies of wisdom, love, compassion and skillful action through the practice of sacred Tibetan mantra and visualization When we meditate on our Body of Light and listen to the sound of the mantra, we discover a blissful energy source that supports us and shines through the heart, radiating compassion and wisdom to all beings

The skillful methods within this practice open us to the inherent sacredness of the entire universe and everything within it, transforming our sense perceptions in such a way that we begin to see, hear, and feel the pure essence and oneness of all of life.

Classes will include teachings, guided meditations, transmissions from the instructor, and discussion.

Pre-Requisites: This course assumes previous training and experience working with the subtle energy body. This course is open to anyone who has taken any of the previous courses in The Compassionate Body of Light Series. Otherwise, to participate in this course:

  • You must meet the General Course Requirements described at the top of this page,
  • And receive the permission of the instructor.
  • Optional but highly recommended: The Compassionate Body of Light – Part 3 (Fall 2014). This 10-week course is available in audio format for download and listening independently. Listening will prepare you more completely to join this class. It’s not necessary to complete all the recordings before the start of ‘Sacred World.’ For further information and to order, contact nancy@clearlightmeditation.org.

A very important part of this training is attending the day-long companion retreat on March 21. It is through intensive practice of these teachings that we make them our own and experience their fruits.  We ask all class participants to commit to attending the retreat.

Instructor:  Scott McBride

Registration Options:

  1. On-site classroom   10 week Course only
    10 Thursday mornings, 9:30 - 11:30 AM
    January 15 - March 19  
    Location: Verge Yoga, 250 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA  19087
    Cost:  $225 Early registration discount available if registered by January 7:  $205.

    registration button  Click button, then scroll down to find this course and register online.

  1. On-site Course and Retreat combined registration

    Cost:   $295.  Register for the retreat together with the 10 week course by January 31 and save up to $50 over our standard registration.

    registration button  Click button, then scroll down to find the course. You will be given the option to register for both.

  1. Internet classroom
    Those who have completed The Compassionate Body of Light – Part I, have the option to participate remotely using the audio recordings from these weekly classes.  This option requires computer and internet access.  A new set of recordings will be made available each week.  In studying this material it is essential to listen using headphones and to do the meditations multiple times There are powerful energies coming through the recording, so the more you listen, the deeper your experience will become

    Cost:   $125, register anytime up until March 1.

    NOTE: Internet Only participants are strongly encouraged to attend the companion Retreat for this class. The retreat includes material that is not covered in class and allows personal interaction with the instructor.

    Access to the recordings is provided following registration and once the course begins.

    registration button  Registration and payment for the internet-only option is by regular mail.

Audio recordings for the Level 2 class will be posted here.

Sacred World Day-Long Retreat

Saturday March 21

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

radiant sitting meditatorThis day-long retreat is an immersion in the profound practices of sacred visualization and mantra invoking the powerful and transforming energies of Universal wisdom, love, and compassion. The retreat setting allows us to go deeper making discoveries in ways that are not possible in daily meditation or a weekly class The day will include guided meditations, energy transmissions, and additional instruction to enhance the meditative experience There will also be time for sharing and discussion with others in the group.

Please bring a water bottle and yoga mat.

Instructor:  Scott McBride

Location:  Verge Yoga, 250 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA  19087

Registration Options:

  1. Retreat Only
    Cost:  $120.

    registration button  Click button, then scroll down to find this retreat and register online.

  1. Retreat and On-site Course Combined Registration
    Cost:  $295. Register for the retreat together with the 10 week course by January 31 for a savings of $50.

    registration button  Click button, then scroll down to find the course. You will be given the option to register for both.

May all beings attain true, lasting happiness and peace